New Year, Same Hoarder

New Year, Same Hoarder

Congratulations, players. We made it to the next level of the Armageddon; 2021.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like to keep a tidy house while I wait for the Earth to implode. What hasn’t been helping this is my extensive collection of food magazines, mostly BBC Good Food with a few old Jamie magazines thrown in. I’ve been getting the BBC Good Food subscription since about 2016/2017 and have yet to get rid of any. They’ve been read, read again and several more times but keeping all of them around was getting damn stupid so I decided to rid myself of them, but not without pillaging through them first. What if I was missing out an a recipe that I hadn’t tried yet? Simply not allowed.

So I made a big cup of tea, and took an afternoon to sit and sift through each magazine. If I came across a recipe that I wanted to make I cut it out and before I knew it, I was done going through them. Next, I organized them into categories that became evident as I went along (apparently I have a strange lure towards stir fry recipes and an adorably hopeful outlook on how much I’ll need salad recipes). With some plastic sleeves and a shiny new binder, we have my baby.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s facing the same predicament with cooking magazines. It’s easy to pick them up, read a few recipes and then totally ignore their existence but it takes a really fucking bored person to sit down and dissect them. And lord knows, we are all that fucking bored person.

On a totally unrelated note, anyone want some old BBC Good Food magazines to pillage through yourself? (No seriously, if you want some please comment below and we’ll sort it out; I don’t want to waste these babies).