Why is this a thing?

Expletives, sarcasm and food is what you’ll find here.

Recipes that make you scroll through a novel before giving you the actual god damn recipe is what you WON’T find here. 

This recipe blog was inspired and created throughout the great Covid19 quarantine. I was in isolation for a week and of course, like everyone, cooked and ate food and thusly decided to write about it. As I returned to work I got wrapped up in earning a living and this fell by the wayside. But alas, that ends here. 

After having been a writer in many other settings, I’m excited to do whatever the fuck I want in this space. The recipes I make aren’t themed, there’s no goal; I make what I want and I share what I think you’ll want to see.

Please know that I obsess with food; writing about it, reading about it, creating it and yes, inhaling it.

Enjoy this magical and probably pretty basic journey.

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