Moi, explained.

Moi, explained.

Expletives, sarcasm and food is what you’ll find here.

Recipes that make you scroll through a novel before giving you the actual god damn recipe is what you WON’T find here. 

Our relationship with food is a strange one; mine is no different. Society likes to make food the enemy of women, it makes us bigger and we’re not allowed to be bigger.

But food nourishes us, it gives us comfort, warms us up and cools us down. It helps us climb the highest peaks, or in my case, watch people climb the highest peaks on telly.

Food needs to be celebrated. We are so lucky to have ingredients to cook with, let’s enjoy it. Explore every spice, herb and method. Life is too damn short to allow yourself to get wrapped up in the total fuckery that society wants us to pay attention to.

Eat. the. food.

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